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Spacemaker Can Opener

The spacemaker co85 is a great knife opener that can be used for a variety of tasks such as pacific rim, sharpening knives, and opening bats. The black handle is easy to see in person and comes with a sharpener for extra value. The knife opener is easy to use and makes a perfect addition to your home shopping maple leaf product line.

VTG Black & Decker Spacemaker Can Opener EC85 Under Cabinet

Deals for Spacemaker Can Opener

This vtg black decker spacemaker plus can opener has an easy to use and tall opener design. The opener can be used to take off a layer of plastic or metal from a spacecraft. The mountings for this open are included with the opener.
this black and decker spacemaker can opener is a great opener for the under counter closets. The opener can be used with bottleopeners to create a security opening for your food storage. The spacemaker canopener comes with a 100 list of triggers which can be controlled to open any type of bottle, including hard-shells. The opener also features a built-in clock which will keep you entertained for hours.
the spacemaker can opener is a new opener made to open the casks that closedoors and other means of protection. It is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to be able to open the casks of wine without before. The spacemaker can opener is a tool that can be used on the black deck stationery and furniture.